Beeswax Tealight Eco, 6pack, REFILL for glass cup

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Handmade in New Zealand
100% Pure NZ Beeswax & 100% Cotton Wick Unbleached
Natural Air Purifier
Natural Honey Scent
Golden Glow

approx. 2 hours + burning time giving a large flame to give an extra bright glow

especially designed for our globe lanterns

not recommended for oil burners


Best Used For:

* for everyday use

* where bright light is required

* as refills for our glass cups (use 1tbsp of water

beneath each tealight, best to clean cup after every

use, once beeswax completely hardened pop it out &

wash with hot soapy water)

* for our globe lanterns giving strong glow


Candle Leftovers:

* biodegradable, as fire starters, collect

to make polish/ candles/ ointments &

surfboard  wax, to waterproof & seal




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