Beeswax Globe Lantern * Sun Light * Natural Glow Forever * IN STOCK

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Embrace The Feel of Uplift & Light
By Enchanting Yourself & The Atmosphere Around You
With Your Glowing Globe Of Golden Sun Essence

Hand Carved in New Zealand
100% Pure Beeswax

Wonderful Illumination at Night Indoors & Outdoors
Non-Melting (due to its large size & its tealight being centered using a glass cup with water)
Size: approx. 20cm in diameter

Includes: sand, a glass cup used with water & its two beeswax tealight candles made with 100% cotton wick unbleached giving a beautiful honey fragrance & purifies the air naturally, acts like an ionizer

How to use the globe lantern?

Put an approx. 3 cm+ layer of sand inside the lantern and flatten slightly and then sit the glass cup filled with a table spoon of water & its beeswax eco tealight (2 hours, large glowing flame for extra glow) on top of the sand in the centre of the globe. Once the candle has burned down, simply put a new eco tealight inside the glass cup used with water & sitting centre-based.

For safety: Place lantern on a non-flammable surface (rock, sand, glass, ceramic…).
Take the lantern inside during the daytime away from window sills.

Our Packaging Box: designed specially for our globe lanterns to ship national and international, double cushioning for extra strength

Replacement tealights available, please inquire via email.


  • Creating a Glowing & Warm Atmosphere
  • Relaxation
  • Soothing Before Bedtime
  • Calming Down from a Stressful Day
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Natural Air Purifier * Ionizer
  • Beautifying
  • Reading at Night
  • Power Cuts
  • Special Gifts & Events



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