Globe Lantern * Feather Air * Natural Glow Forever

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Hand Carved in New Zealand
100% Pure Beeswax

Wonderful Illumination at Night Indoors & Outdoors
Non-Melting (due to its large size & its tealight being centered using a tall glass cup) Size: approx. 20cm in diameter

Includes: sand, a tall glass cup with two beeswax tealight candles made with 100% cotton wick unbleached giving a beautiful honey fragrance & purifies the air naturally, acts like an ionizer

How to use the globe lantern?

Put an approx. 3 cm+ layer of sand inside the lantern and flatten slightly and then sit the tall glass cup with its beeswax alu cup tealight (4-5 hours) on top of the sand in the centre of the globe. Once the candle has burned down, simply put a new alu cup tealight inside the glass cup being centre-based.

For safety: Place lantern on a non-flammable surface (rock, sand, glass, ceramic…).
Take the lantern inside during the daytime away from window sills.

Our Packaging Box: designed specially for our globe lanterns to ship national and international, double cushioning for extra strength

Replacement tealights available, please inquire via email.


  • Creating a Glowing & Warm Atmosphere
  • Relaxation
  • Soothing Before Bedtime
  • Calming Down from a Stressful Day
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Natural Air Purifier * Ionizer
  • Beautifying
  • Reading at Night
  • Power Cuts
  • Special Gifts & Events



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